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Senin, 02 Oktober 2017


GATHAPRAYA (Cultural Festivals)

Gathapraya is the one of many event of SMAN 3 Bandung , Gathapraya means "Anaghata"  that is future, and "Abibpraya" mean hope,  so Gathapraya mean "Hope in the future".Event Gathapraya done a once a year but every years this event always change the theme, like 1 years ago at 2016 this event have a name "Meganthara". so this event change the name each year match the theme and make a suitable theme. Gathapraya  was held on Saturday 30 September 2017.

       The guest stars is NIDJI,HIVI,Elephant Kind, many more..

Senin, 21 Agustus 2017


Muhammad Ibrahim Aziz
Rino Ilman Harindhana
X-Science 7

Ibrahim :"Hey Rin how are you today?"
Rino      :"Hey bro, i'm fine thank you and hoe about you?"
Ibrahim :"i'm also fine.what are you going to do tomorrow?"
Rino     :"i actually have no plan for tomorrow bro. what about you? what are you  going to do
              tomorrow bro?"
Ibrahim :"well, i also have no idea, thats why i'm asking you"
Rino     :"well, how about we go riding to Lembang?, are you down bro?"
Rino     :i'm down, i will ask Ajay to come okey."
Rino    :"okay that's perfect, by thw way did you know Ajay just bought a brand new
             Ducatti panigale 1199"
Ibrahim :"oh my god, let's meet in Ajay's house tomorrow, i want to see his motorcycle. "
Rino      :"okay see you there later,bye bro!"

Senin, 14 Agustus 2017


Do you have a Bad experience?
this is my bad experience..

On that day,i woke up in the morning at 4,00 AM, and i go to bathroom,and i  brushing my teeth and i take a ablution and i go to doing prayer shubuh, after that  i go to school and i bring my bike at 6.00 AM and i also happies that day. but when i arrive in the school.i forget for the bring my wallet and i no have any money "Oh my got... i forget to bring the wallet!!". "are you bring any money" said andi. then i replied  "yes i not bring any money.. even though i have to buy some food for a lunch". then andi says "oh okey.. no problem Ibrahim i bring more and less money. will you borrow my money ibrahim..". until that i thinking to my self and i confrime andi "hey Andi okey rigth, now i borrow your money and i return it tomorow :)" and Andi says okeyy ibrahim


(By: Muhammad Ibrahim Aziz, X Science 7)

    Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.. Hello everyone! Let me introduce my self. My Name is Muhammad Ibrahim Aziz but you can call me Ibrahim. I was born in Bandung 17th of October 2001 so right now I’m 15 years old. I live at Gegerkalong Girang street number 35 Bandung.  Now I’m study at SMAN 3 Bandung at X grade, Science 7. My house is not too far from school, it’s about 30 minutes away by public transportation.

        I am the youngest children of my parents. My Mother’s name is Hj. Herlina Erwin. She was born in Palembang 13th of March 1968. She is a housewife. She always giving love to all of her children. If I feeling down, She always be there to supports and guides me to the right way. My Father’s name is H. Acep Erwin. He was born in Bandung 9th of November 1957. He is still working at Saudi Arabia as an employee of Aramco, an oil and mining company. He is a religious person, He always teaches us about religion and tells us to become a person who always do the best at every step in our life.

I have four siblings, one brother and three sisters. My brother is the oldest among the others. His name is Andi Muadz Muhammad Erwin. He was born in Pekan Baru 28th of January 1990. He has married with Mariam Muslimah and has two sons. Now he works in Chevron Duri Riau and lives with his little family there. The second one is my sister. Her name is Andi Ilmi Sugiharti. She was born in Bandung 30th of May 1991, so She is 26 years old now. She has married with Ngadiman Karomat. He works at Mabes Polri in Jakarta. They have two children, a son and a daughter. The third one’s name is Syifa Fitrah Qanaah, She was born in Bandung 7th of March 1993. She was graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung as a Pharmacist last year. And now She works at Kimia Farma Plant Industry in Bandung. The fourth one’s name is Hanifah Azizah Fallah. The differences of her age and mine are 7 years, She was born in Bandung 18th of January 1995. She study at Telkom University and learn to become a professional fashion designer in the future. 

Senin, 07 Agustus 2017

short story


 Ibrahim and Rino
 X-Science 7

 *Ibrahim was playing football with his friend, Rino was watching Ibrahim and his friend playing       football

Ibrahim  : "hey you!"

Rino       : "who? me?"

Ibrahim  : "yes, you, what are you doing?, you look like you're bored, do you want to play with us?"

Rino       : "yea! i'm in!"

Ibrahim  :come!, my name is ibrahim, you can call me Ibro"

Rino       : "i'm rino!"

Ibrahim  : " what's up rino where do you live?"

Rino       : "i just move here, my house is 5 blocks away from here, do you know the big house
                  near  the bridge? i live under the bridge.. how about you bro?"

Ibrahim   : "thats nice, i live in Gegerkalong girang, ok are we going to play or what?

Rino        : "yea let's go broo!"

*after they finish playing football

Rino        : " bro, is that your motorbike?

Ibrahim   : "yes, come, i'll take you home if you want!"

Rino        :"sweet, thank you ibro"